Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tears of Pain, Tears of Joy

From a child’s perspective,
Tears only fall only when things are bad.
They come from physical pain,
Or when our hearts are sad.

A young girl once learned a difference …
She was introduced to “tears of joy.”
The first time she saw them was when her mom
First held their new little boy.

“Mommy, we are happy!
Why are your eyes crying those tears?”
The mommy explained to her baby,
“My love … you will understand in a few years.”

This little girl was confused at first,
But only for a minute or two.
Her Barbie needed an outfit change
And she had pretend schoolwork to do!

She continued knowing tears only came in sadness,
And with happiness came a smile.
Then, that changed one day many years later …

It was the day she walked down the aisle.

The wedding march played,
The crowd stood and looked at the bride.
She was holding the arm of a handsome man,
A Daddy filled with pride.

Together the father and daughter walked,
Admired by tear-filled eyes in awe.
A little girl had evolved into a real life princess,
Her appearance without flaw.

Daddy’s hands were shaking a little
And a tear fell from his eye.
His little girl whispered, “He will take good care of me.
Daddy, please don’t cry.”

She arrived at the alter
Greeted by more tears of delight.
Her groom would swear to this day,
He has never seen a more beautiful sight.

Together, they learned a lot about tears,
Both the happy and the sad.
They eventually made the next step,
Taking the titles of Mom and Dad.

She became a proud new Mommy
And was handed her baby boy,
Her parents and husband stood close by
As she cried countless tears of joy.

Her mom came close to the hospital bed
And whispered in her daughter’s ear,
“This is what it feels like to hold love in your arms,
Now you see how love drips in every tear.”


For many years to follow,
That love was the wind beneath her wings.
It is a concrete security remaining
No matter what life brings.

How we wish tears of joy
Were the only ones we shed.
Sometimes the tears feel like nothing less
Than emotional wounds we’ve bled.

When the family doesn’t live happily ever after
And something besides death do them part.
Tears of pain and sorrow
Bleed out of each and every heart.

However, in the moments when a parent
Tries to explain why the other one is no longer there.
The hurt for that innocent child
Becomes more than a parent can bear.

The parent comforts the little one
No matter how long it may take.
Staying close by until the child drifts to sleep,
Then, there is a phone call to make.

“Mama, I don’t remember seeing
You cry these kinds of tears.
How will I keep the strength,
Through his younger years?
When my baby hurts like this
It destroys my inner soul.
I feel like I am going crazy
And losing all control.”

The mom responds to her grieving child
With wisdom, comfort and love.
“You are going to have to get on your knees
And pull strength from up above.
There are no words I can give you
To help you understand.
Reach out to your Father.
He will take your hand.
Believe me my love,
You are enduring a terrible pain right now.
It feels like the pain can never cease,
But I promise it will, somehow.”

As the sun rose the next morning,
Things began to look a little brighter.
The mommy pulled from deep within,
And became a courageous fighter.

She picked herself up
From the dark pit she was in.
She made a choice to be a survivor.
She made a choice to win.

She smiled at her little boy and said,
“Let’s go out and enjoy this beautiful day!”
He smiled right back at her and responded,
“Mommy … We are gonna be okay!”

In that moment,
God changed a Mommy’s tears.
She gained hope ... and through her baby,
God calmed all her fears.

Tears of joy welled up from within
And they dripped down her face.
Her little boy asked a familiar question
That took her to another place.

“Mommy, we are happy!
Why are your eyes crying those tears?”
The mommy explained to her baby,
“My love, you will understand in a few years.”

© September 24, 2011
Kasi M. Bryon


  1. Beautiful expression of one of life's many sorrows, obviously born out of experience. But faith, hope and love endures.


  2. Love this poem! I actually shed a few tears reading it. It belongs in one of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books!! Thanks for sharing.