Monday, September 5, 2011

Take a Vacation or Not? SERIOUSLY?!

My friend who resembles Barbie says: “I’m so excited! I won a trip to go on a 3 day cruise and I can take 1 guest. I think I am going to take______.” (A man she has dated on and off; a relationship I would describe as tumultuous.)
Me: “Oh dear heavens! Have you lost your mind? Why would you take that chance? (Possibly, I am a bit too direct and honest at times …) A vacation is not a time to take such a risk. No one should be allowed near vacations if you KNOW they rain on parades … ESPECIALLY when your parade is FREE! My 2 cents is
take someone you think will be fun and easy to get along with. No stress. VACATIONS ARE SACRED.”
Barbie: “I never thought of it like that … very true …”

Me: “Well, I will be happy to play the part if you need someone to fill that role! I feel certain I can pull it off.”

Barbie: “REALLY?! Would you really go with me on a cruise?”

Me: “Uh, HELLOOO?! Heck to the yeah! Passport resides upstairs, multiple swimsuits … CHECK! I will get my tan on and hop on the tread mill/elliptical for a few toning weeks. Not a problem!”

So, I shall cruise.
Though I have a few years on my Barbie-look-alike friend, along with the fact that I HAVE carried 2 babies in this bod and hers is in its original, undisrupted state; I figure I can be her confidence booster and experience my 1st cruise in the process.

When asked, “What if YOU do not enjoy vacationing with HER?!”

My response is simple, solid and matter-of-fact.

I see vacation as a win/win situation. I am ALWAYS better when I come back from a retreat, which gave me a time warp in my everyday life. I try to choreograph the escapes in a hopeful way to the best of my ability, but no one can predict a bad experience.

It’s like this: If the vacation goes well, I had a great time, bring back wonderful memories and was blessed with a fresh experience. I ALWAYS take and use a new scented lotion when I go on trips, just so I have my vacation in a bottle/tube. Once I am back to my reality life, I can open that lotion and the scent mentally takes me back to no other place than my pleasant memories. I love reminders.

HOWEVER, if the vacation is a nightmare, I am always ever-so-grateful for my life in a newfound way. I look forward to getting back to my normalcy and take pleasure in knowing that I am not trapped in the bad vacation atmosphere situation for eternity. If I took anything for granted, I do not when I get back from a terrible trip. My children’s faces are sweeter, their hugs are even warmer, my house is prettier and my bed is more comfortable. I am grateful for my return and throw the bottle of lotion in the trash. Again, it’s a win/win for me.

As far as my vacationing companion: She and I have had a functional friendship for many years. If things do not turn out as we expected or hoped, we can go back to our original relationship and make a mental note not to vacation together again. Simple. AND we will have nice tans ...

Vacation cheerleader,

Written by suggestion from a mann

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  1. Kasi,
    This post was very thought provoking. It made me think of trips I go on, and my feelings about them, the "time warp" effect of stepping into another world or atmosphere away from normal life, even if only for a few days. The feeling of being away from my own real world and how I feel when arriving home. And yet, it reminded me of a similar situation with a friend who won a contest and prize much like this one you describe. His reaction and conflict on who to take were the same, and my advice to him was similar. The only draw back, I did not get to go with him. In fact, his internal conflict was so great, he eventually gave the trip to his parents and let them have the joy and excitement of the trip.
    At that moment, I knew all would be well. He did not have to worry about NOT having a good time, his parents came back thinking he was the best son in the world, and I got to see my friend smile at his satisfaction.
    All in all, everyone came blessed and out on top.
    Great post
    Sam (sawham)