Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pads+Tampons+Handsome Men at the Grocery Store=Awkward

Having a house full of girls is like a fun sleepover most days, but there is one problem … Cycles synchronize among close females. PMS rules the roost for about a week out of every month. Super fun.
          About 2 months ago, my youngest daughter and I were doing the dreaded grocery shopping. We came to the feminine product aisle and realized we needed to make a purchase. Though I am not an extreme coupon-er, I am trying to be more aware, shop wisely and be more frugal with my money. If I find a non perishable item that is on sale and we use it, I stock up. Between all of us and the numerous female friends who seem to be at our house, we basically need the entire variety spectrum of girly goods. That means an assortment of tampons and pads, several of each. (Hate to use those detailed descriptions, but it is what it is.)
          Anyway, all of the above were on sale. Considering the fact that I hate going to the store and don’t particularly like buying these types of things, I stocked up on all of them. Quite the array was in my Kroger basket. It was like a collection, only not art or coins, but Kotex, Playtex, Tampax, Always, Carefree and so on …
          We made our way to the checkout line and I strategically chose a female checkout-er. Maybe that was for my own sake, maybe it was to spare a guy, maybe both? I would rather wait in a longer line to get a girl. If I just had one little box or pack it would be different, but I could be mistaken for a distributor who may be stocking up to resale.
As I neared the line, the cutie patootie manager was walking by.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Cocktails in Heaven

 “The Lord is with you right now.
You are not alone,” she says to me.
I sobbingly reply, “I understand that He is,
But I desperately need someone I can see.
I need someone with skin,
And a soft, gentle touch.
I need someone with a shoulder to cry on
When the burden becomes too much.”

Sometimes I wonder
 If it is worth the effort to even try.
There are days when my only accomplishment
Is to sit down and have a good cry.

Will my children ever understand?
Do I really want them to?
Will their memories whisper that I was a good mom?
Or will they reflect on all I couldn’t or didn’t do?

I selfishly want the easy road.
A path paved in shining gold.
A life that went smooth and happy
And my body would never grow old.