Thursday, February 16, 2012

Poem about saying Goodbye

I wrote this poem over 4 years ago. It is still ringing in my ears to this very day. Goodbye is so difficult, but a painful reality in life that cannot be escaped.
It’s funny how it will hold one meaning to a person, yet another meaning to another. None of which most likely match mine …

 How Do You Say Goodbye?
December 11, 2007

 “Goodbye” is said throughout our lives
Many times from day to day.
We seldom put a lot of thought into it.
It is simply something that we say.
If you take a moment to think about “good-bye,”
It IS a contradictory word.
Who placed “good” with “bye?”
That concept is absurd.

It is okay,
When you know it’s only for awhile.
You will see the person again,
And with that comes the smile. J
Then there is: “GOODBYE.
Is that worse to hear or say?
It is a thief in the night …
Taking someone special away.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Short Story #2

At the age of 18, I worked in a men’s clothing store, the ideal job for a single female. It was called His Place, owned by Merry Go Round. (The Buckle/Hollister/Abercrombie of the 90's.) My manager told me we would be participating in a fashion show at a local club, to promote sales of our clothing, and I was in charge of orchestrating it. I would be working with the club manager.
My first reaction was dread as I assumed I would be paired with a perverted older man, the description of a club manager that first came to mind. I agreed and tried to mentally prepare for his ickyness, simply focusing on getting the models in place.
The evening of the show, my manager escorted me to the back of the club for the meet and greet with the man I would be working with that night. To my surprise, out walked a GORGEOUS man with long hair … my favorite preference. (My 1st car date was a keyboard player with long hair.) For some reason, though I am not a musician, I was always intrigued by the rocker musician bad boys with long hair.
The club’s manager man was in his twenties and had the most striking eyes, smile and utterly sexy voice. He knew how to carry himself with no lack of confidence and had the mature, handsome five o’clock shadow facial stubble. It kept a rugged, edgy look attached to his business look, and both looked quite nice together. He had a raspy singer’s voice, was medium build and had the same length hair as me.
His opening line first words were, “Well, hello. You married?”
          I replied (most likely starry eyed,) “No.”
          Without hesitation, his response was, “Do you want to be?”
It was one of those, “You had me at hello” moments. The man was stunning. He and I got to work and proceeded with details of the show as I tried not to drool over him when he threw a flirt my way. A few days after, he came by the store to return the clothes. His casual wear looked as perfect on him as the GQ suit he was initially wearing. What a way that man had about him. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Las Vegas

On a whim, (my favorite way to do most things,) I took a quick trip across the country to Las Vegas. 2 days and 1 night for $200, who could resist?
My sister and I left the airport at 6am Nashville time and landed a little before 11am Sin City time. We mapped out our agenda ever so carefully and hit the ground running, cramming four days worth into 1 ½. Our main objective ended up being to see 2, possibly 3 shows that night. We found a $100 special for all, so we narrowed it down to:
·        Criss Angel (an illusion master/magician)
·        Menopause (the musical) and of course,
·        THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER. (For the unaware: Hot Australian men who dance to music and wear Velcro clothing. They seem to be very nice young men.)
Due to our lack of time and the show times, we could not see Menopause. Criss Angel was at 7pm and the Thunder boys at 9pm. After securing our tickets, we began covering some serious ground. There was shopping to be done and sights to be seen.
For the record, I simply canNOT comprehend the statement, “I don’t like Vegas.”