Thursday, February 16, 2012

Poem about saying Goodbye

I wrote this poem over 4 years ago. It is still ringing in my ears to this very day. Goodbye is so difficult, but a painful reality in life that cannot be escaped.
It’s funny how it will hold one meaning to a person, yet another meaning to another. None of which most likely match mine …

 How Do You Say Goodbye?
December 11, 2007

 “Goodbye” is said throughout our lives
Many times from day to day.
We seldom put a lot of thought into it.
It is simply something that we say.
If you take a moment to think about “good-bye,”
It IS a contradictory word.
Who placed “good” with “bye?”
That concept is absurd.

It is okay,
When you know it’s only for awhile.
You will see the person again,
And with that comes the smile. J
Then there is: “GOODBYE.
Is that worse to hear or say?
It is a thief in the night …
Taking someone special away.

There are two goodbyes I speak of
And both hold incredible pain.
They both remove a part of your life,
A part you will long to reclaim.
The first goodbye is one
We will all have to face.
The permanent goodbye of death,
When someone “goes to a happier place.”

I agree with the happiness
 For the one who now resides there.
But for those of us left saying goodbye,
It never feels quite fair.
Again, another concept,
Which is very hard to see …
Good with bye and happy with sad.
How did that come to be?

The second goodbye is equally as hard.
It is a choice we have to make.
Who would ever want to willfully choose
And cause a heart to break?
It is different from the goodbye of death
Because the person is still here.
Physically present on this earth,
Yet not available to dry a tear.

You must now go on with your life,
Pretending they are not there.
You force your mind and body to move on,
While your heart still continues to care.
Fate could cause your paths to cross again,
With no effort from either of you.
If you threw your penny in the right well,
Would that wish come true?

 Goodbye is an ending for now.
It is the last chapter of a book.
It is the sun setting at dusk,
So carefully take one last look.
A book may have a sequel,
And there will be another sunset.
But since parts of life cannot be replayed,
There is no time for regrets.

You have to take this moment.
Do not miss what is there.
Close your eyes and take it all in …
You must allow your heart to stare!
Stare with all your heart and mind.
Stare for as long as it takes.
Goodbye may take the person from you …
But memories cannot be erased.

Kasi M. Bryon
© 2007

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