About Me

I am a single mother of 2 daughters. In the blogs I refer to the oldest as “Kaysie” and the youngest as “Karly.” (I am also the mom to a Havanese puppy named Swayze, who I refer to as "Swayze." J )
I have been in my profession (the one that pays the bills) for over 2 decades, loving it more now than when I began, and have been writing since about 2006. Someday I will publish a novel, but I need to do a bit more polishing. It took 2 years to write and in my heart it has grown similar to a child I have carried, birthed and raised. The love and frustration are equal. Also, the more time that passes exposes how little I knew at the beginning and how much I still have to learn. I try to actively write as it contributes greatly to my learning process.

Laughter from the soul is the greatest noise to my ears.
Nothing saddens my heart more than my children’s tears.
My ultimate hope is to accomplish all I was designed to do.
It matters none if the primary beneficiary is me or you.

I warmly absorb a smile backed with joyful eyes.
I see accomplishment, even in failure, as long as a person tries.
I long for inner peace and an understanding of myself.
My hoped legacy is to have touched a heart, not monetary wealth.

Whether I am known by a few or millions, I will continue the same.
I write to express my heart and emotions, not for glory or fame.
I am a lover of beauty and humbleness, not arrogance and pride.
I believe like minded souls can connect, next door or worldwide.
(More to come ...)