Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Single Mom’s Christmas Poem

She prepared the surprises her girls would soon see.
The stockings were stuffed and gifts were under her tree.
She tried very hard to make the holiday bright,
Preparing memories to be made on this Christmas Eve night.

She decided to make a fun, new fresh memory for this holiday.
She always attempts to make things memorable in any small way.
The three of them got matching pajamas, just like an all girl team.
It gave them a girlish sense of fun, as small as it may seem.

They said their bedtime prayers and she kissed their sweet heads.
Then she smiled with joy as she tucked them in their beds.
Its time to do the final touches for the moment when they wake.
In just a few hours, she will watch the memories they will make.

She is thankful for her babies and that they will soon discover their gifts.
She hopes they will never long for what they all have missed.
She knows in many homes, the mom and dad are doing this together.
She thought when her family was starting that it would be forever.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Short Story #1

         “Hey Becca, do you have plans for lunch? I am free and thought I would come meet you.”
          “I sure don’t babe! I would love to see you. What time does it look like you will be coming this way?”
“Maybe 12:30-ish?”
“Sounds great! There is an amazing sushi restaurant 5 minutes from me … you feeling like sushi? The weather is so nice, we can eat outside!”

I finished tying up my loose ends and drove to Nashville to meet my sister, Becca. She is the oldest of four and is the leader of the pack; I am 2nd to the youngest.
     As far as I go, she is my biggest fan, but shoots it straight when I need to be told the hard-core truth. (Primarily in reference of my need to get organized and “put everything in its place.” She is tidy and neat and I have piles everywhere. On occasion my messes will get the best of her and she comes over to help attack one room at a time … always amazed by what she finds in my hidden stashes.)
What in the **** is THIS doing in here Emm?! Geez … this is like a **** treasure hunt.
I smile and innocently say, “I like hidden surprises. I forget I have something, find it and feel like I went shopping!!
Then, another spicy word flies and she goes about teaching me how to categorize and file … rather, attempting to teach me. I just can’t seem to totally get it. Poor girl, she has been repeating these steps for many years and hasn’t given up yet.