Sunday, December 11, 2011

Short Story #1

         “Hey Becca, do you have plans for lunch? I am free and thought I would come meet you.”
          “I sure don’t babe! I would love to see you. What time does it look like you will be coming this way?”
“Maybe 12:30-ish?”
“Sounds great! There is an amazing sushi restaurant 5 minutes from me … you feeling like sushi? The weather is so nice, we can eat outside!”

I finished tying up my loose ends and drove to Nashville to meet my sister, Becca. She is the oldest of four and is the leader of the pack; I am 2nd to the youngest.
     As far as I go, she is my biggest fan, but shoots it straight when I need to be told the hard-core truth. (Primarily in reference of my need to get organized and “put everything in its place.” She is tidy and neat and I have piles everywhere. On occasion my messes will get the best of her and she comes over to help attack one room at a time … always amazed by what she finds in my hidden stashes.)
What in the **** is THIS doing in here Emm?! Geez … this is like a **** treasure hunt.
I smile and innocently say, “I like hidden surprises. I forget I have something, find it and feel like I went shopping!!
Then, another spicy word flies and she goes about teaching me how to categorize and file … rather, attempting to teach me. I just can’t seem to totally get it. Poor girl, she has been repeating these steps for many years and hasn’t given up yet.

          Becca is taller than me by several inches, has jet black hair and the face of a China doll. A perfect nose, as though she has undergone an expensive cosmetic procedure. Cheekbones sculpted high, hinting her Indian heritage and requiring no need for accentuating blush. I am not sure why, but I love her hands. Becca’s hands are neither small, nor large, they are standard model hands. She most likely wears a size 7 ring, though I really don’t know for sure. Possibly, her hands stand out to me because they are part of her communication whether she is speaking or reacting … and she uses them gracefully. She keeps her nails natural and they seem to remain at the length nails were meant to be; a conservative, yet feminine free edge with a half moon at the base … always well manicured.
I cannot remember ever seeing her with a big purse. She typically has a smaller handbag that she drapes from shoulder to hip, like a sash or seatbelt looks, only the strap is tinier. It is funny because I have always carried a massive purse until I took notice of hers. Some silly part of the brain adopts little things like changing to a small side purse in an attempt to obtain a likeness! Now I have little purses; however, I am still unorganized and can barely get my wallet crammed in it.
          Becca exudes confidence, yet she assures me of her insecurities. I can hardly comprehend the possibility that this is a truth. I believe her because she says it is so, but can’t help but wonder if it is a declaration set in place to help me feel less inferior as my insecurities bubble out without the use of words. No matter her success or failures, I see her the same way. She is my protector.
          My sister is always a step ahead of me with what’s hip and new, she can stretch a dollar for a week and have change left over. She has lived in the corporate world most of her adult life, which may explain how she knows all these cool, unique places to eat.

          I arrived to a smiling face and welcoming hug. We ordered our food and drinks, and then sat down at a tall table for 2. (I’m not sure what those tables are called, but the chairs are the height of barstools.) Anyway, the conversation began with no jump start needed. Each asking how and what the other is doing and each answering about the good, bad and ugly going on in our lives.
          After we ordered and settled into a deeper discussion, it was not hard to notice Becca had the weight of the world on her shoulders. Her light brown eyes moistened with tears, “I am just searching for more. I don’t know what it is, but I am not doing all I need to do and am trying to figure out where to go from here. I am stagnant at work. I enjoy the job, but I am capable of so much more.
I signed up with a program to feed the homeless … you know to give of myself in some useful way.
This is how my sister and I are alike … and I love to see my reflection in someone I admire so much. Becca and I are never going to be complacent or content with mediocre if we are capable of more. My favorite quote pertaining to that: “IF YOU ALWAYS DO WHAT YOU’VE ALWAYS DONE … YOU’LL ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU’VE ALWAYS HAD.” We want to grow and explore all this life has to offer. This gives the privilege of experiencing what we do along with what the other does because we have the ability to share in one another’s joy and sorrow. I was able to relate to her on a very deep level as my heart had been aching in the same way.
          Though I am the younger one, I have been the one to take more risks in the business world, as far as our family goes. I have opened my own business, started a non-profit and written a book … but have not ever been what Forbes would consider a “success.” In other words, I don’t make any more money than the rest of my family. In fact, I probably accrued more debt, thanks to my bravery. Even though this is true, my sister thinks I’ve got my sh** together in the career category more than she does, or at least that my path is clearer.
          My response to her was the first time I had heard myself voice what I had felt a week or two earlier. I said, “I was driving alone for an hour on Sunday. I turned the radio off and talked to God the whole way there, and I cried during most of that. You know what Becca? I don’t enjoy being here a lot of the time. Sure, I enjoy my girls and the fun times … and I’m not suicidal at all … but I would much rather be with God and Jesus in eternal happiness, peace and security than here with all of the pain and suffering. During that drive, I told God, ‘While I am here use me!! I want to do any and everything You have for me to do! Show it to me and I will do it!’ That’s all you have to do. Tell Him and He will show you!
          Becca looked a little shocked by my admission that I would rather be in heaven than here, though I am sure we all would … its just that most people do not say or think it very often. But she listened, and I listened to myself too. It made sense.
          Since that day, I have not really done any significant work for The Kingdom or moved my life forward in any rapid, impressive areas. Becca, on the other hand, still manages to find time to feed several homeless people once a week … even though she took the initiative to ignite changes at her work. She is designed to climb the ladder, not sit at the bottom, and she knows that. After a long period of time proving herself and her work ethics, she approached the higher powers at work and said, “I’m happy with this company, I want to stay here, but I am ready for more. Do I have what you need and do you have what I need?
          CHA-CHING! Now sister gets to figure out how to feed those who are less fortunate WHILE she keeps up with her job promotion. A little searching here, some tears there and then a good dose of determination will show each one of us a higher, bigger purpose, if we simply look and seek it.

Short story writing,

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  1. Kasi,
    You are exactly correct!! I tip my hat to you and to your sister I say "way to go"! I am trying to do the same here where I live and in my community.