Monday, April 2, 2012

Cocktails in Heaven

 “The Lord is with you right now.
You are not alone,” she says to me.
I sobbingly reply, “I understand that He is,
But I desperately need someone I can see.
I need someone with skin,
And a soft, gentle touch.
I need someone with a shoulder to cry on
When the burden becomes too much.”

Sometimes I wonder
 If it is worth the effort to even try.
There are days when my only accomplishment
Is to sit down and have a good cry.

Will my children ever understand?
Do I really want them to?
Will their memories whisper that I was a good mom?
Or will they reflect on all I couldn’t or didn’t do?

I selfishly want the easy road.
A path paved in shining gold.
A life that went smooth and happy
And my body would never grow old.

I see so much joy in my life
I could never tally the blessings I have received.
Yet, I must admit that simultaneously,
There is more pain than I ever conceived.

I don’t feel capable of being the mom and dad,
And guiding their lives in this solo style.
I love every moment with my sweet girls,
But a mental break would be nice every once in awhile.

Am I teaching them all they need to know?
Will they be prepared young adults one day?
Am I leading them by good example,
And successfully choosing what to and not to say?

Where did this heavy doubt come from?
Will it fade with the teenage years?
Will the next phase of life bring comfort?
Will peace and clarity replace these tears?

I have hopes that God has a special area in Heaven,
For the single parents who ran this race.
I suppose husband and wives will be reunited,
But for us that’s not the case.

We simply want to relax when we get there.
A day where everything goes as planned.
I’d personally like to float in a pool of glitter
With a Heavenly cocktail in my hand.

There most likely is no alcohol in The Kingdom,
But I am thankful there was some here during my stay.
Most days are a demonstration of hard core reality,
And the numbing effects make for a better day.

Jesus had wine with his disciples,
I never read of Martinis or a Long Island Iced Tea.
Mixed drinks, wine or champagne …
I’m not picky, any will work for me.

Hopefully God will have mercy
And excuse the coping technique I occasionally chose.
He’s the single parent of a whole lot of kids,
So surely the stress is something that He knows.

Maybe St. Peter will greet me at the gate
With a refreshing beverage in his hand.
He will smile and say as he gives it to me,
“The Big Man says Yes, He does understand.
The single parents are gathered over there …
It’s the wild and noisy crowd.
God usually likes peaceful harmony,
But in this case, an exception is allowed.

 Well done, good and faithful servant!
You have fought a brave and noble fight.
There will be no more stress, aloneness or worry here.
It’s time to sit back and enjoy the flight.”

Kasi M Bryon
April 2, 2012

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  1. Proverbs says 'a little wine gladens the heart'! I'm sure God understands:)
    Love ya♥