Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dancing In The Rain … The Attack of the Intestines

It’s funny how bad times bring about a sense of gratitude. I am always more thankful for the basics after enduring a darker side. {**If you cannot stomach bodily function discussions, stop reading here. Skip to the bottom for “Dancing in the Rain” poem**}
          My body woke me yesterday morning just before 4am with a feeling of sickness. For the record, I have a horrible fear of 3 things:
vomiting, diarrhea, and head lice. Those things send me into a panic and I will avoid confrontation with them at all costs. However, yesterday morning, I began a several hour rendezvous with the 1st two of my fears. It was a complete and total nightmare.
          I have only encountered such a combo of stomach sickness 2 other times in my life, but they were not this bad. Once the violent cycle began, I was at war with my own intestines for a majority of the day and I stayed close with my new companion, the toilet. We are talking, take the pillow and blanket to the bathroom floor, and pray you are close enough even at a 2ft distance. I lost fluids one way or the other every 2-5 minutes for a solid 4 hours. The end result was I lost about 6 pounds and my body feels quite detoxified of any and everything. Energy level: 0
Then, to top it off, my youngest daughter came home from school with the same symptoms. Unfortunately, I struggle with the mom duties of helping with vomit and out of control poo. They make me vomit whether I am sick or not. Poor kids … Thank God, hers was not as frequent as mine, and I did quite well when she needed me. Luckily, I can count how many times both of my children have been sick in their lives, so I don’t have a lot of experience.
          By the end of her stomach attack, she had mastered a new skill of hitting the toilet target. The 1st time was not a success, so I did a little “Vomiting 101” class in order to spare myself of another cleaning up experience. Now she has it down pat. Our house has been thoroughly Lysol-ed numerous times and is now sterile enough for a surgical procedure to be performed.
Later in the day, she came in my room as I lay there lethargically helpless, and said, “Mom, I cannot do this much longer.”
          I could not help but chuckle as I tried to explain to her that we do not get a choice, we have to simply deal with it. My response was disheartening to her and it kind of made her frustrated with me because I couldn’t make it stop. We were miserable together and looked like mother/daughter zombies.
Though she would be mortified for me to mention what I’m about to say, she does not read this blog, so I can. It’s just too cute not to point out …
With total sincerity, she came downstairs in elation because she reached a milestone that let her know she was heading toward the light at the end of the tunnel. How do I say this?? . . . . .
          This is one of those things that is not pleasant, but has humor and is so true. Possibly, it is an opportunity to laugh instead of cry. I will try to use as much tactfulness as possible, but we are talking about vomit and poop, so it is a challenge. However, vomit and poop are part of life …
          Anyway, I had a similar thought, but did not verbalize it to anyone. In my mind, I was laughing because I was looking forward to my mental celebration party when all of my functions returned back to their normal state. I thought, “Who would ever think they would be excited to have a normal bathroom experience?”
We definitely take those things for granted until we have a reason to appreciate them.
          So, when my thrilled child came to me and said what had happened, I could relate to her enthusiasm and laugh with her. I will not write what she said, but it was along the lines of being overjoyed that she had an unoccupied gas passing experience. She said she was fearful it was not going to be what she thought it was, but she was brave … AND IT WAS ONLY AIR!!! Who knew poop and toots could be so exciting?!?! No doubt, toots packin a punch are simply not cool ...

There’s something for you to be grossed out about, or rejoice in, if you have been there done that. I happen to have a little fitting poem. Of course, I have a poem … (It’s not about stomach viruses, but making the best out of the bad.) I wrote this last year for my Small Soldier just a month before he went to be with Jesus. His family taught me a lot about dancing in the rain and finding humor in things such as crazy, awkward bodily function stories. They always did well with laughing when possible, no matter what. Together, we all learned to dance in the rain …

Dancing in the Rain!

If you can get up and run, it is a foolish waste to sit in a chair.
Get up and be like Forrest Gump … just run everywhere!!
If God gave you a voice to sing, then you better be singing a song.
Even if it is through a stream of tears, a smile will appear before long!
Stop wishing for what you had or what you think you need.
God will guide your path if you will just let Him lead!
Serenity is a necessary tool; start practicing that skill today.
Get a grip and realize that things will not always go your way.

Some things you can change and some things will be as they are.
Sometimes you will make it through, but still carry the scar.
Let that scar be a reminder of what you made it through.
It made you who you are and is now an amazing part of you!
There is a time to give it your all and a time to let go.
Pray that God gives you the wisdom so that you will know.
If you can dance and choose to stay on the inside of the windowpane,
I’ll wave at you from outside because I WILL be dancing in the rain!!

© April 21, 2010
K. Bryon

Thanks for the life lessons, sweet baby boy! You are loved and missed dearly by all!!

Dancing … rain or shine,


  1. Great job dancing even the morning after! :) Thanks for sharing and inspiring.


  2. I really enjoy reading your blog! You are so funny and smart! Glad you are both feeling better! Thanks for making me appreciate feeling normal today.