Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DAY TWO: 30 Days to a No-Regrets Life

Yesterday did not go as well as DAY 1 for me. I allowed “life” to get in my way. I worked and then spent more time focusing on getting my house ready for an out of town guest than I should have done. She truly does not care if my house is perfect . . .
When it was time for my children to go to bed, I was busy. My girls and I did not have our talk time and I did not even stop to say bedtime prayers with them . . . Sad, but true. L
I will be more focused . . .

On to the 30 day challenge . . .
In the ONE MONTH TO LIVE workbook, we were asked, “What is the biggest risk you have ever taken? How did it make you feel? What was the outcome?”
As our group discussed those questions Sunday night, several of us answered.
My answer was: starting a business with no experience. No one in my family had ever done that, but I felt led to do so . . . so I did. The decision was indeed risky. It provided good and bad, highs and lows. I learned all about false friendships, $ management (or juggling,) and how to live off of little sleep and food. There was no time for either. My top discovery was that being in an industry does NOT qualify one to magically have the skills to smoothly operate a business in that industry. I gained a lot and lost a lot.
The time came and a decision had to be made . . . to continue on with “The American Dream,” (that is certainly a misleading little title) or close the doors after 8 years of operation.
The turning point was crucial. I could save the business, but the time and energy it required would be at the expense of my children. By the estimated time needed for the business to get back to a solid place, the time would have arrived for my girls to fly out of the nest. They would have had to raise themselves because mommy was busy working. The price was too high.
I chose to be the mom God called me to be. I never understood Him to say I should live a material dream and give my energy to those who would never appreciate it . . . plus, they would be gone at any time. Employees are not a permanent fixture and they typically look out for #1. My kids would still be here . . . at least until they became adults.
I am extremely happy with my decision!
DAY TWO: This lesson talked about rollercoaster thrill rides. Basically, do we want to ride the kiddie rides forever? We are presented with the option to play it safe and settle for far less than we were made for. In other words, being a person who is content with mediocre.
When choosing the rides at the park, we typically go for the one with the thrill, even if it scares the life out of us and makes us scream. Why do we not tackle LIFE head on as we do a theme park?

THE “SOMEDAY SYNDROME: We all dream of someday. Someday we will _____.  When everything settles down, when we make more money, etc . . . then we can savor life. But things won’t settle down. We will only begin looking for the next big thing; another accomplishment. Someday is TODAY.

This really spoke to me. My business proved to me how true that fact is. I recall doing so many huge things as a business owner. My hard work was tangible and visible. The business was built, the sign was hung and the employees were everywhere. I could see it, and so could anyone else.
However, I began to realize that something was slipping away from me. I had lost the ability to play with my girls (or even PLAY in general.) Sitting down, reading a book or playing a board game with them seemed to be a waste of time. I thought, “What am I accomplishing by doing something so meaningless and silly? I have important business things to tend to!”
The truth is that the board games and that quality time is priceless money deposited in the memory bank. Playing is important . . . but the world and my newfound, distorted viewpoint made it look insignificant and petty.
 I will play a game someday when I am not so busy.”
Ha! Not only will I ever be “not busy,” but now I have evolved out of a game playing person . . .
I am still trying to re-learn how to play without the need to feel like I have just moved a big mountain. It is difficult to be content with hanging out on the mountain instead of moving it.

When we look at life and the giants we face, we must look at them from a God perspective. Nothing is too big for God. We must have “ridiculous faith.” When God places on our hearts what needs to be done, it CAN be done; Even if it means closing the doors to your little empire that stands as representation of your hard work. God makes a way and shows you a rainbow after the storm. Now I can see, "What if I had handed my children's youth over to run a business?"
My goal and dream since I was very young has been to be the best mother I could be. That is what I had always wanted more than anything . . .

A quote from Pope John Paul IV:
Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then, we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it, I say! Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows.”

Priorities need to be a priority.

28 more days,

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  1. I'm 'read up' with all your blogs, they are all GREAT! I'm eager to follow your '30 days' of living!! As I read these stories, which I love, and realize how talented you are, it makes me want to cry. I feel this way because, I want 'everybody on the planet' to read them. My prayer is that God will open up a 'door' for you to share your thoughts with many more!
    Love ya:)