Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Die Young & Beautiful, OR Grow Old & Wrinkled...No Other Choices

I read an article about Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is having a very difficult time with something these days . . . He is not enjoying looking in the mirror.
In all honesty, it must be a horrible reality to be soooo gorgeous in your youth and, as the years pass, the person in the mirror evolves . . . Yet, it is still you. It must be like someone who has looked at his bank statement for as long as he can remember and sees an endless supply of $$$$ . . . THEN, the statements show an amount that may or may NOT cover the expenses for the month. What does a person do with that? It is difficult to transition from a diamond to a CZ with a smile on your face. It CAN be done . . . but I am sure it hurts.
I cannot imagine being known for my appearance by THE WORLD. Mother Nature is not very kind. I know it sounds vain, but really . . . all Arnold has ever seen in the mirror is something most men have never seen. Not many could relate. It is undoubtedly an unfamiliar sight. I know I recognized and appreciated Arnold and his bod when he was The Terminator and CONAN . . . Can't deny that.


            The missed and beloved ^^ Princess Diana ^^  will never age in anyone’s memory. She is endlessly, forever . . . BEAUTIFUL. However, she will not be here in her human form to see her firstborn get married . . . She would have been 50 this year; the year she gained a beautiful daughter-in-law.
                    Kind of makes you think . . .

No doubt, I would hope to see my children marry and start a family; even if I were incredibly famous and infamously beautiful in my prime . . . and had now aged to a new description. 
      The only solution; rid the house of mirrors . . . They are overrated anyway.

Thankful that I will never be known for my appearance . . . the benefits of an alias,

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