Thursday, April 28, 2011

DAY FOUR: 30 Days to a No-Regrets Life

This segment of the book was eye opening for me. I recognized I have taken the mindset of what I can do, through ME. I’m a little (more than a little) ashamed, but denying it won’t get me anywhere. Scripture does not say, “I can do all things through me who gives me strength.” It says, “I can do all things through CHRIST.” Phil 4:13
          DAY FOUR is about focusing on connecting with the Ultimate Power Source. That would not be any person here; it can happen only through connecting with God/Jesus.
The authors use the comparison of a vine, its branches and the fruit produced. For the best results, the branches must go through the pruning process. At times, they must be cut, and then they will be more fruitful. The cutting process seems painful as it seemingly strips the branches down to nothing, but it is vital.
The branches ARE where the fruit comes from, BUT the branches cannot produce the fruit without the vine. Obviously, God is the vine and we are the branches. I get that. That doesn’t mean I enjoy or look forward to the pruning process, but it will happen if I’m depending on The Vine, which IS my intention. I definitely need to get more connected.
          As I write this, I am aware that all of us are at different spiritual levels. At this season in/of my life, I am most likely in the middle of the road. I am neither exceptional nor unplugged. Honestly, I have hit a distant phase in my walk. This happened because I had powerful faith and then I did not get the results I wanted . . . so I am in the corner with my tail between my legs.
My distance happened because of going through an intense journey with a family. The journey lasted 14 months and changed many lives. That journey was the inspiration for the poem, “No Regrets.” Basically, I walked beside my dear friends as their little boy battled cancer.
Before the sickness, I was very connected with Jesus. DURING the sickness, I went straight to the top. It was only between me and God. (Yes, I know they are One, but that is how my simplistic mind works.) I discovered that it seems “safer” to be in a formal relationship with God; Jesus can seem a bit too personal. Ironically, that is WHY He came here . . . To suffer as we suffer so that we may relate to Him. He knows pain.
When my little hero child left this earth, I lost my God/Jesus communication abilities for awhile. They are not fully restored, but are improving. I was not “mad,” I was simply like a child who did not get what she wanted. When my children don’t get what they ask for, and I am seemingly the culprit . . . they are not very talkative to me either. Since we ARE God’s children, I take comfort that He understands. He knows I am too green to understand the big picture.

Day 4 from, "ONE MOMENT TO LIVE":
·        We put a lot of emphasis on our physical health but neglect our spiritual health because, again, we cannot see it. We are not to seek spiritual growth; we need to focus on spiritual health. Healthy things grow, so there is no need for so much energy to be placed on growing. (That is a freeing thought.) I am not the vine and there is no need in trying to be it. I solely need to be a branch.
·        If we were faced with our earthly, physical body’s collapse, wouldn’t we want the part that will live forever to be healthy?
·        How do we stay connected with the vine? That’s ALL we need to focus on. Over these 30 days, we do not have to work up our own willpower to quit smoking, stay on a diet or try and fix broken relationships. (YAY!) We simply have to stay connected to the Power Source and He will give us more than will power, He will give REAL power. The power to do everything HE wants us to do. We just need to listen. (That’s doable!)
·        We need 2 connectors to stay healthy, grow and produce the best fruit. Constant communication and constant confession.

1.       Communication: Simply plug in the techniques we already have! We can do this without a problem because we have polished the skill quite well. We use the cell phones and computer to stay in constant connection with our jobs and things that are important to us. We simply need to do that with God. Prayer, quiet time and getting in the book . . . The B-I-B-L-E. Wake up and start the day with a little talk-time, then check in with the Vine throughout the day. He has a quicker, more private communication method than a cell phone or PC. It is silent and can be done at any time. Just a thought away. When you are making a decision, feel angry, stressed or confused, just take a second and touch base with Him. Dump it all on HIM. He can handle it. (Just don’t forget part 2 of communicating. Talking is one part. LISTENING is required for productive, effective communication.)
2.     Confession: This is not a “beat yourself up” session. It is an owning of error and a conscious effort to do better. It is cut and dry. Instead of greasing our mistakes over with the mindset of, “Well, at least I am not as bad as ____,” we can worry about the person in the mirror and improve that person to be the best he/she can be. Confession is nothing more than agreeing with God that OUR way is wrong, and repentance is deciding to go God’s way. In simple terms, “I’m sorry. I will try very hard not to do that again. Please forgive me and help me when the same situation arises again.” Boom, that’s it.

I don’t know how others are absorbing any of this, but I am getting a glimpse of a possible key to unlock a big door. It appears to me that more attention needs to be placed on the things we cannot tangibly see, hear or touch. I can see that in day to day life, the most powerful things affecting me (good and bad) are energy things. I am not calling God and Jesus “energy,” but I am not denying it either. God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. That is some powerful energy.  

26 more days,

P.S . . . Who’s going to wake and watch THE ROYAL WEDDING?!? I AM!! IAM!!
I woke for ^^Princess Diana’s^^ funeral, and I will watch her firstborn baby boy marry a beautiful princess!
Though Kate and ^^Princess Diana^^ seemingly have few similar features, somehow, I can see ^Diana^ through and in her. The way I see her, Kate is like ^Diana^ in the way that they were both blessed with angelic smiles and sparkling eyes. J We all long to see a magical fairytale (somewhere inside us). . . and we shall get the chance in less than TWENTY-FOUR HOURS!!!!

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