Monday, April 11, 2011


                 This is a poem I wrote a little over three years ago. It is the voice of a child/person with special needs. It was written in honor of the many lives who have touched mine. I can hear each one of them speaking these words . . .

January 12, 2008

I know I am different.
Don’t tell me this is not true.
I see it and I feel it . . .
I know that I am not like you.
I try to fit in . . .
I want to talk and play.
I smile politely at you;
In return you look away.

It does not matter where I go
Or even what I do.
I am used to being treated like this;
It is really nothing new.
I try not to let it bother me,
And always wear a smile.
The truth of the matter is . . .
It gets old after awhile.

I may seem different from you,
But many things are the same.
Like, I have thoughts and feelings too . . .
I even have a name.
I may not walk and talk or look like you;
And that is okay.
There is a very special explanation . . .
God created me this way!

If you think something is wrong with me,
You had better look again.
I know more than you think I do;
I know how to win.
However, I win different prizes than you . . .
I win people’s hearts.
Once you take the chance to know me,
The understanding starts.

A little time will tell you a lot,
And your eyes will begin to see.
You will realize that you saw a flaw . . .
But I am actually made perfectly!
My purpose on earth is different.
It is not the same as yours.
I am a human angel . . .
I am one of God’s special doors.

I am a unique kind of door;
There is no lock or key.
God uses me to reach your heart and soul.
I am a human ministry.
I am here to show a part of life,
One you really need to know.
You go at such a fast pace each day,
While my only option is slow.

Take a moment and look;
Go on . . . compare yourself to me.
Your mind thinks “of this world,”
While mine thinks innocently.
You worry about your bills
And the stress lines on your face.
I am happy with placing last,
As long as I finish the race.

Am I starting to look different now?
Is the picture becoming clear?
Have you learned a little lesson?
Things are not always as they appear.
When all is said and done;
We will be with God or in the fire.
I know where I will be,
So, “Don’t stare at me . . . Admire!”

Kasi M. Bryon
© 2008

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