Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Thank You Poem

Sometimes I wonder why I have this blog. Does anyone even get anything I am writing about? Do they wonder why I bother?

The answer is surely, “Yes” to some … but I will blog more often in response to one of my dear friends I saw last night. She said,
“I check your blog every single day, looking forward to reading what you posted … You haven’t written in a long time.”
I told her, “I will write for YOU and not worry if anyone else understands or enjoys it! Whatcha wanna read about?!”
She said, "Anything"
I can do that ...
So, I will attempt to do better, just writing for my loyal, faithful audience of one who I KNOW looks forward to visiting this site. I know there are others, because I see the numbers … but I don't know who they are, what they think or how much is read. Also, the couple thousand views could mean a few hundred people or a few people viewing hundreds of times. Who knows, who cares ...
          I am taking the pressure off of myself by visualizing that I have this friend who will always be in the background cheering me on. Actually, I will include two others who talk to me about what I have written … That makes a faithful, certain, sweet audience of THREE!! It is difficult to know what a silent audience thinks; therefore, this is my new mindset. Thanks to my longtime friend! You have encouraged another! If we can touch the life of even one, it is a success. :)


I came across this poem I wrote about 4 years ago. I will share it today, just to have a fresh blog on Kasi’s site. Soon, I will post a blog I have already started … but today I need to do mom stuff instead of write. Luckily, I have a little stockpile of writings from years of processing life. This is a rhyming group of words I put together creating a “Thank You poem.” Surely we all have someone who has played this role in our lives. I love it when people show selfless efforts just because …

Thank You
December 2007

These two words do have a lot of meaning,
But there is more I need to say.
What do you tell someone
who wipes your pain and tears away?
I had a need in my life
It was far greater than I knew.
I needed someone I could trust,
Someone I could talk to.

I met you as a stranger
and never expected to become friends.
Now I see the big picture …
There are angels that God sends!
He sends them at times
when it seems things could get no worse.
They teach us there is more to this song of life …
 It has a better verse.

You are this human angel
that I am speaking of.
I never saw the wings or halo,
just someone filled with love.
You took my hand and led me,
promising it would be okay.
You walked right beside me,
every step along the way.

You have heard the sounds of my laughter
and the sorrow when I cried.
You always told me I was a good person
and reminded me how hard I tried.
I am amazed how comfortable I was,
and still am to this day.
Our time together came and went,
but the memories thankfully stay.

I will reflect back to this time in my life,
with a smile upon my face.
Wishing it could have lasted longer,
but that’s sadly not the case.
Nothing in life is forever;
today always becomes yesterday.
We must appreciate the here and now,
for tomorrow will take it away.

"Thank you" will never be descriptive enough;
You deserve a better phrase.
You have given me so much,
in so many different ways.
Please take this for now,
for it is all I have to give.
I will love, treasure and remember you
For as long as I live!

Kasi M. Bryon
© 2007
All rights reserved

Bloggin for my fan club,


  1. I'm part of that Fan Club.... even in my silence!

  2. Thank you for writing this blog. I am a faithful reader of your blog and feel inspired every time I read it. Please continue writing. You are a help to everyone.