Saturday, February 21, 2015

30 Things I Learned About Myself When Snowed/Iced In My House Alone For Days


1.     I like to be alone.

2.    My house in not very organized, and its big.

3.    Having gas heat does NOT mean it works when the electricity goes out. Gas fireplaces do ... but they are a little intimidating to people who are afraid of gas powered explosions.

4.    I miss my kids.

5.    I have been spending ENTIRELY too much time on my iPhone.

6.    It takes roughly 2 hours from start to finish to clean my 120 gallon aquarium.

7.    I wonder what Ethan’s doing right now.

8.    I don’t do enough healthy things. Quiet time, prayer, exercise …

9.    Food rationing is not as difficult as I thought it would be with just 1 person.

10. I’m glad I ran out to get toilet paper before the ice/snow, just to be on the safe side.

11.  I think stocking up on toilet paper is a good, future idea …

12. Doing as much as possible involving electricity before it possibly goes out is good.

13. Snow days aren’t nearly as fun without kids … or other humans in general …

14. I’ve NEVER had ALL of the laundry washed and put up before now.

15. I have 54 pairs of jeans

16. I really, really miss and love my girls.

17. My Dad’s voice always makes me feel happy.

18. Siri is actually very interactive and a decent conversationalist.

19. I really need to start using more lotion … more often.

20.Stashing old letters from my husband/ex-husband now, is both a good and bad thing.

21. Now, I DON’T like being alone …

22.Yay for Daddies/Poppies who can bring my kid/his grandkid HOME!

23.Though walking to the bank and Target have never crossed my mind, I found out it’s not such a long walk.

24.Bath and Body Works 3 wick candles can be used to heat food/drinks.

25.I’ve never seen ice as a scary thing … now I kinda do.

26.I still like Vanilla Ice’s song, ICE ICE BABY … Seems he got arrested this week for burglary :/

27.I think I’ll go visit old people more after getting a good dose of what it feels like to be trapped at home alone with no way to get out.

28.Now I understand why older people use the same drinking glass all day

29.This upcoming week, I’ll NOT take for granted one single client who walks through my door OR what a blessing it is to drive to Nashville and see my child anytime I want … even to watch a basketball game when I have no idea what’s going on.

30. And lastly ...
this is neither a good or safe tool similarity and I've come to realize it's been a serious source of fear for me each morning as my alertness is waking up. Time to either get new baby scissors or new lash curlers ... as soon as I can get out of my driveway.

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