Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Long Island Medium

I’m not a TV watcher, but I watch The Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo. It’s a toss up if I am most captivated by her conversations with the dead or her style. All bound together, she is true to herself, her 80’s self, and she doesn’t care if anyone gets her or not.
          As a Christian, surrounded by other Christians, mediums are controversial. The Bible says no. Therefore, I have spent time focusing and thinking, something I already do too much of in the first place.
          At any rate, she is on tour and was in Atlanta on Oct 24, so I bought tickets the day before, called a lifelong friend and off we went. Last minute, just the way I like it. I went with no intention of “being read,” because I have been fortunate enough to have dreams from the other side. I’ve received messages I needed to move forward and understand to the best of my ability, that which cannot be understood; Death. However, over time I have learned something about the controversial part as far as "connecting" with people who have died. More on that later ...
I went because I see/feel things in people here. The best way to describe it is dark, hot and bad or bright, warm and good. I wanted to be in her physical presence just to see what happened. I was one in an audience of 4,700, but she stood 2 people down from me and read the lady and her daughter beside me as well as a mother/daughter 2 rows behind me. My guess is she noticed me, especially my gladiator style bracelet because that’s just what I imagine she would notice.
          Point in case, what to believe.
For me, I do believe she has a gift and is not of the devil, quite the contrary. Otherwise, my senses throw me into the devil category, which I know is not true. I am God’s, period. My primary senses magnify dark and good, people who have been abandoned/rejected, emotional things and for some reason, unfaithfulness. All are like a neon sign. To me, what I see is obvious to everyone.
I learned on the car ride back from the event, that is not so. Anyway, I think some feel this about me and steer clear, usually because of shame. What’s ironic is that I seldom feel judgmental, I just get an understanding. Evidently, it doesn’t come across that way.
          The friend with me, who is also deep, picked up on it and declared me in a Theresa category. I rejected it, saying I see what everyone sees. She continued to disagree and insisted I “read” her husband (who I don’t know very well) and her. Hesitantly, I did a very thorough description of what I get from both. According to her, I see things dead on, things she has never verbalized, that I couldn’t just know and it validated major issues to her. It took about 30 minutes, maybe longer, and opened a door I have never seen about myself, making me think.
          We arrived back in Nashville and she dropped me off to get my car, it was being serviced. The owner is an acquaintance; his wife is more in the close friend category. He came to the car, carried my things and asked where I had been as we were walking. I told him “Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium.”
He responded, “No idea what that means.”
I said, “She talks to dead people.”
He sarcastically replied, “Oh, that’s right up your alley.”
I agreed and he questioned, “What, you talk to dead people?”
My answer was, “I kind of have, but not like her. But according to my friend, I can read alive people’s spirits.”
He said, “Oh really? This should be fun. Read me. I want to hear.”
I declined, he insisted. The typically, arrogant, talkative man was silenced. I think he was creeped out, but intrigued. I got it all right, things he would never openly admit.
          Now I KNOW I am different, but thanks to my big haired, long nailed friend who doesn’t know we are friends, I am more comfortable with myself. I am a blingy person. Sparkly things make me happy. Others perceive me as a self proclaimed diva, so I try to tone it down, ashamed of what I like and how I am comfortable. Accessories, glitter, matching bras and panties make me happy when I am depressed. Maybe they make others think I want attention, (not that anyone knows the undergarment part) but it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s who I am. That goes far back with me. My mother is not a fixing-up lady and seems to not particularly like that part of me; and several others along the way have been critical of my shiny-ness. In an attempt to be more accepted, I bling down, therefore, not being true to myself.
          Also, I now get the opposite sex part. In other words, I stay away from men because when I am with a person, I can “get” them. A man will feel a connection, misinterpreting it, thinking I am his soul mate and feeling like he has fallen in love. So, I run, stay away, hide. I kind of now get that I can “get it,” but possibly need to keep that information to myself. Being quiet will be a challenge. Just because I know something doesn’t mean I need to say it.
          Back to Theresa. Whether or not she’s the real deal doesn’t matter to me. Her purpose is great. Over and over, I see the same thing and I believe it’s true due to what has been given to me. I believe our souls, minds, hearts and spirits connect with some people and I do not feel that connection can ever be severed, not even through death. I will forever be with my children, father, sisters, brother, cousin, friends and they with me, even if we die. Just as we can feel one another here “in the physical world,” as Theresa says. Her message is that when we cross over, we are at peace, even if we were not at peace here. She gives people courage and the ability to know they need to move forward. She knows and believes in God. She knows there is more to this life. I know that too. I refuse to believe that we are here and then no longer exist. That’s not what I feel within me. As far as "speaking to dead people," I see that more complex than speaking to someone here. Back to the interpretation of the Bible about being gone from this world ...
          To each their own as far as beliefs, and I'm not here to convince anyone of anything. My perception is different. I agree that when we are in heaven, (or dead,) we ARE gone. BUT, I do not see any person as one blob. I see that each person is made up of multiple things, the body ending up being the least on that list when its all said and done. Each person has individual love, their spirit, memory, personality, beliefs ...The list continues for days. We all leave our emotional fingerprints, and thoughts/love/energy/memory/presence is not something that disappears. I feel the energy of people with me often, and often, those people are alive. Are they REALLY with me? The answer is simple. Yes and no. Just the same as it is in death.
I have a friend who tragically lost his parents, yet I see and feel his father, who I never met, when I am with him. His father’s love and spirit are and will always be connected to him.
The next life is not as we know it. I have seen it. It is beautiful beyond words; everything makes sense all at once.
One of my dreams was from a daughter who is my age and her mother is a surrogate-type mom to me. She walked in a room and I was freaked out. I told her I needed to go get her mom so she could see her too. She said no, I could tell her mom I saw her and she is ok, but her mother could not withstand saying goodbye again, and she could not stay. She said she knew her mother hurt, but it would be ok.
I felt she was being heartless. She talked to me 2 ways, with words and through thought. She explained to me that she knows we/I cannot understand, but to trust her. She is not without her mom. She said that the best way to describe it to me was through our vacation experiences. We plan a vacation and it seems it will never come. Each month, week and day as it draws closer seem like an eternity. Everything that can happen, happens. Then, when we reach our vacation destination, how many times do we rethink/relieve those feelings? Never. They are gone, never to be re-experienced. She said that when her mom gets to her, she will never re-feel or re-live this pain. It will be gone and unimportant.

As for MY reading of Theresa … I feel that she was overwhelmed that night. My head and neck hurt and I felt she was physically not well when the night was over. Unless she discovers another way to be in a crowd of that magnitude, I don’t expect her to do it again. She wants to give thorough messages and could not with that many people. People had stage fright with a camera and light in their face, microphone in hand and face on a big screen. They didn’t even know their own name. It caused too much confusion.
I had spoken with the lady beside me and knew her story. Theresa said “Jamaica” to the man in front of us, he was confused, but the 2 ladies beside me were not. I told the mom, “That is you. I am sure. She will put it together. This is too much coming at her at one time. She will understand in a minute.”
Sure enough, she did. She talked about things like the wife closing her husband’s eyes and the daughter considering not going to Jamaica for her honeymoon. She told the wife that her husband thanked her for letting him pass with dignity. She said many other things sweet Rosa had told me, unique things. Theresa was excited when “Jamaica” made sense to her.
In closing, I have not written a blog in like 2 months because I wondered, “WHY?”
Why say what’s in my head? Well, this is a blog, an online diary. It is not open for anything other than a person to read another person’s thoughts and feelings and relate or not. We cannot disagree with a blog/diary. Feelings are never wrong. I can write them, cast them out to sea in my cyber-message-in-a-bottle and be done with it.
I am thankful I watched Theresa’s reality show. Not because I have a message from a person from the other side, but a message from here. We all need to get life … the here and now. Tomorrow is no guarantee. But we are real, indefinitely. There is a bigger, brighter world beyond what we see. I know it.

There you have it. Kasi is simply strange enough to acknowledge the unacknowledged. Besides, Kasi is not even my real name. And my book is about something beyond this world … which is why I have never moved forward with its publication. We shall see ….


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