Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Time for New Year Resolutions…Let the Games Begin

Today officially begins the thrusting effort to dive into the completion of my novel. It is time for the re-write to commence.
As I have been allowing my labor of love to sit and marinate following it’s editing last summer, a repetitive question has been asked many times. “What’s going on with the book?”
          My pre-recorded response; “Nothing lately. I will get it back out at the end of the year or first of next year.”
          Well, here we are … it is the first of next year.
I wonder about resolutions. Having never been one to participate in making New Year’s resolutions, I decided to join in the festivities and make this book my NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION.
Possibly, the reason some of us are shy to such a declaration is fear. That chance of next December approaching and the scales still displaying the same weight, the unused gym membership access card evolving into a cruel reminder of our un-toned body, the bank account balance becoming smaller or debt accruing greater than it was in January, and so on. Who wants to look in those mirrors??
          Considering the fact that my deposit is still sitting on the kitchen table, I have an unused elliptical AND treadmill in the sunroom and I have already eaten at least 5 truffle balls this morning … along with about 2 (or possibly 3) moderate sized cups of coffee flavored with a slight dash of Kahlua … I had better make other resolutions.
My ultimate 2012 goal:
To complete my novel and submit it for publishing.

My basic 2012 goals:
Stop elaborating and rehashing.
Shorter blogs with more meaning.
SHOW instead of TELL.
Attend writing workshops.

Of course, I have more, but to go along with the first 3 of my basics, I need to stop here!
The boldest, most exciting point in thought is how personalized resolutions are. They cannot be wrong or disagreed with, because they are PERSONAL goals!
In closing, I am not looking forward to the upcoming hours, days, weeks and months of work I will surely put into this project, only to be advised to, “Delete/get rid of this section. This doesn’t flow. We need more info here …
However, not trying looks worse …

And I certainly am NOT willing to give up truffle balls.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Hooray for making the resolution to finish your novel this year! Sounds like you have gathered a lot of impetus to do it. Go for it!